Sony South Africa -
Sony South Africa supplied the ZebraSafari with a pair of digital video cameras. Sony loaned us a PD100 and a PD150, the state of the art in DVCams, which will allow us to record video footage of our adventure.
Goodyear South Africa -
Goodyear South Africa provided the ZebraSafari with six G22 185R14 8-ply light truck tyres, to enable us to take on Africa's harsh roads with confidence.
Kodak South Africa -
Kodak Film and Kodak Professional in South Africa supplied the ZebraSafari with all of our film requirements and are supporting us with developing and processing, enabling us to share all the sights we see with the world.
Academy Brushware -
Academy Brushware loaned the ZebraSafari a Garmin GPS, so that we'll always know where we are, no matter how far off the beaten track we are.

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