Do you have any questions with regards to The Zebra Safari that you would like to ask us?
Email us your questions and we will answer them when we get a chance.
Q: What scares you the most?
A: Christian: Nothing scares me!

Q: What do you look forward to the most?
A: Christian: Meeting new people and experiencing new places.

Q: How do you keep from spilling your beers without those CD-tray drinks holders that are in all the new cars?
A: Christian: I keep beverages upright in my lap. This keeps drinks from spilling and keeps my crotch cool on hot days ;-)

Q: What major spare parts are you carrying?
A: We are carrying enough tools to carry out almost any foreseeable repair to the car. We are also carrying a lot of regular service and tune-up parts, such as spark plugs, points, condensors, HT leads, fanbelts and gaskets. We are also carrying brake seals, a spare fuel pump, a spare distributor and a complete cylinder head.

Q: Are you taking malaria tablets or do you think they mask the symptoms?
A: Christian: Shaun is taking the antibiotic tetracycline as a prophylactic. It was prescribed by a doctor, but I can't see how a medicine usually prescribed for the clap can be of any use.
Gisela and I are taking Cape Aloe capsules, which apparently make one's blood bitter for malaria to develop, as well as being a detoxifier. We are also eating a lot of garlic! My attitude is that if I get malaria I will immediately report to a hospital and have it treated.

Q: How are you updating your website on the road?
A: Errr ... well, as you may have noticed we aren't updating the site very often. There are lots of internet cafes everywhere we have been so far, but their connections are generally so slow you can only use them for sending email. And none of them have allowed us to connect using our laptop computer, which is essential if we are to update the site. The only updates we have done so far were accomplished using the infrastructure of friends, or by working in the offices of ISPs. When I travel like this in future I will definitely organise an international dial-up for internet access.