The ZebraSafari in the Middle East & Turkey

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Having climbed from sea level to 1750m in 250km on our first day in Jordan.
The ancient stone city of Petra
A long, narrow gorge guards the entrance to Petra. The "Treasury", a family tomb carved into the rock at Petra.
Petra is an ancient city carved from the living rock. Petra.
Petra. Petra.
Rock candy. Petra marsscape.
Petra sunset.
Swimming in the Dead Sea.
Christian relaxing in the Dead Sea. Gisela in the Dead Sea.
Not much work for lifesavers at the Dead Sea.
We were unable to attain light speed, as I had disconnected the ZebraBus's HyperDrive ...
Breakdown in Aleppo
One of the valve heads broke off, and the piston punched it into the cylinder head like a nail. Christian, the mechanic.
We stripped the engine in a side street. The group of friendly young Syrians that became Christian's assistants and new fans.
Breakdown near Gaziantep.
Broken down in the middle of nowhere. HELP... Please.
A tow truck fortuitously comes by. Mehmet Yapar, the air-cooled VW expert in Gaziantep.
Mehmet's basement workshop. In the workshop.
The sign outside Mehmet's garage.
Back on the road, through snow-capped mountains. Snow-capped mountains.
Christian with Ilbas, the kind-hearted man who befriended us in Edirne. Our home in Edirne.
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