The ZebraSafari in Egypt

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Arriving in Aswan
The ZebraBus has a new Egyptian identity. Customs Aswan 5.
The Red Sea
Our campsite at Sharm el Naga. Sunset over the mountains inland of Sharm el Naga.
Red Sea off Hurghada.
The ZebraBus and the pyramid of Cheops, Giza. The ZebraBus parked under the pyramid of Cheops.
Pyramid vista. Zebi in front of the Pyramids at Giza.
The Sphinx. The Sphinx.
The mosque of Mohammed Ali. The smallest of the three pyramids at Giza.
Christian chatting to a camel. Keeping an eye over Zebi.
The sticker says it all. Gisela working on the computer in the back of the ZebraBus.
Pyramids from our campsite in Giza. Sunset over our campsite in Giza.
The desert
Desert sunset. Desert sunset.
Vast sand desert. Rolling sand dunes.
Golden mountain. Oasis in the Black Desert.
Black mountain, blue sky. The Black Desert.
The ZebraBus in the Black Desert. Christian, climbing mountains.
Desert Fox and his Land Cruiser accompany the ZebraBus into the White Desert. White Desert sphinx.
White Desert sculptures. White Desert sculptures.
White Desert vista. White Desert sculptures.
Camping in the White Desert. "You can't go there without a 4x4 ..."
Christian in bedouin garb. Gisela hugging a giant mushroom.
Gisela in the White Desert. Christian practising weightlifting.
Giant mushroom in the White Desert. It's so big!
White Desert, blue sky. Christian enjoying the sunset.
Christian watching the sun rise in Dahab. Boats off Dahab at sunset.
Christian & Kathleen, a Belgian couple driving from Hong Kong to Brussels. Hong Kong to Brussels in this Land Cruiser.
Tom, Lara and Lioness, friends from Germany. Dahab at sunset.
Beware of wild camels. A wild camel.
Sunset in the Sinai desert. Sunset over the Red Sea.
A night club, called Smash, near Sharm el Sheikh.
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